Bodegas Seleccionadas ARMANDO





Owners: Family Fermoselle Sampedro.

Manager: Armando Fermoselle Seisdedos

Oenologist: Armando Fermoselle Seisdedos. Oenologist since 1962.

Responsible for viticulture: Armando Fermoselle Sampedro. Technical Industrial Engineer.

Sales manager: Armando Fermoselle Seisdedos (domestic market) and Armando Fermoselle Sampedro (foreing market)



Corporate name: Since 1993, Bodegas Seleccionadas Armando, S.L.

C.I.F: B49136559

Bottle register: 8107-ZA00

Special register agricultural industries: 49/40.732

Headquarter address: Viña Concita y Adilen.  Crta. N630 km.270 Roales del Pan. Zamora (Spain)

Telephone number and fax number: +34 980 538 683

Mobile phone: +34 630 063 096





All the facilities are located inside of “Viña Concita y Adilen

Storage capacity: 60,000 litres. Enterely in a stainless steel tank.

Annual production: 50,000 bottle max.

Pressed: Horizontal system, 20hl of capacity.

Wooden container: Cask of American or French oak.



Property name: “Viña Concita y Adilen

Area: 6 has.

Altitude: 710 metres over sea level.

Position: South-Southeast

Terrain: Purely clay soil.


·         Mainly: Tinta de Toro, Juan Garcia, Malvasia, Moscatel of small grain.

·         Supplementary: Merlot, Shyraz, Chardonnay and Godello.



Our viniculture house is place on the west of Spanish geography, at Roales del Pan, in the middle of the Silver Route, when it cross the province of Zamora (Ctra. N630, Km 270) and only 5 km from the Duero river when it cross the city of Zamora which is rich in history, tradition and Romanesque art.


FAMILY AND TRADITION (1880-1962-1993-2000)

1880. First documented history on the wine industry of our ancestors. In Fermoselle paternaly side and maternaly side at Roales del Pan.


From our ancestors from Fermoselle it's said that…

From our ancestors from Roales del Pan it's said that…


1962. Year of the oenology degree of the founder of our currently corporate name, Armando Fermoselle Seisdedos, since this year he make a life in the wine world. Making, preparing and bottle under corporate name of Jose Mª Fermoselle, S.L. wine cellar. At this point we can say that here began the first wines with high quality on the area of Zamora, commercialized under the brands of: Cathedral de Zamora, Señorio de Toro and Novíssimo Señorío de Toro. During the last years of the 80´s, Armando Fermoselle was one of the founders members of the regulatory body of certificate of origin Toro. Wines previously namered obtain various awards and honourable mentions among which include Golden Baccus which was obtained on the International Food Fair INTERVIN 90, and other awards got obtained at the 5º and 6º Mondial du Vin Fair in 1988 and 1990 in Brussels. This wines were excellent accepted in countries such as: Germany, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico and Japan.

During the first years of the 90´s due to various family and financial problems, cease the activities of our former company name. However our vineyard following to age and producing bumper crops of grapes.


1993, year when our currently corporate name Bodegas Seleccionadas Armando S.L. was created, and which is forged, based on the extensive experience accumulated in a lifetime devoted to the production of quality wines the idea of making small series of high quality wines produce in the same vineyard, that we call wine farm and so now the wine industry started calling payment wines, making planting (Viña Concita y Adilen) of only 6Has vineyard of the best clones obtained by the Agricultural Research Service of the Castilla y León, to complement the limited quantitative production of our old vineyards (not economically profitable)