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Bodegas y Viñedos ARMANDO
"Viña Concita y Adilen", Ctra N630, km 270
49192 - Roales del Pan - Zamora - España
Tel.: +34 980 538683/+34 630 063096
Fax: +34 980 538683

    Vineyards: Where our wine is born...


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We have a total of 17,000 grapes wine with an average age of 60 years; share out by the following way:


·         At Roales del Pan, “Viña Concita y Adilen”: 8,000 grapes wine on trellis.

·         At Roales del Pan, centenary vineyards: 4,000 grapes wine in vase.

·         At Fermoselle, centenary vineyards: 5,000 grapes wine in vase.



“Viña Concita y Adilenis a vineyard designed at early 90´s with the main goal to establish in the same place the vineyard and the wine cellar.


For further information about technical data and the design of the field please click HERE.


Centenary grapes wines are a heritage of our families, at Roales del Pan over a sandy and pebbles terrain. At Fermoselle is a vineyard over a slaty terrain in a hillside in a southeast orientation.




Wine cellar is surrender for the main vineyard, is equipped with the most modern technology.


We elaborate our wines with a stainless steel machines, and part of the harvesting is ferment in a new barrels of American oak.


Bottling of our wines is done with semiautomatic filling gravity constructed entirely of stainless steel, using natural cork of the highest quality. Bottle formats we use are: Bourdeux 75cl for red wine and Bourdeux 75 cl for white wine.


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